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All of our marketing services at Sweet Tea are divided into 3 categories:


Within those categories we can help you grow your business and achieve your goals.



 More than just a logo, your brand includes your voice and your style. Everything your customers see and interact with should tell your story. 


Development of a full Brand Identity includes not only your logo, but your colors, fonts, voice, and supporting marks and icons.


Elements of your brand may no longer represent you well, or serve your purposes as they once did. A brand refresh will update without fundamentally changing your identity. 


Graphic Design

Building Signage. Posters. Vehicle Wraps. Business Cards. Coasters. Tap Handles. Everything your customers see and interact with should tell your story. 

02. WEB

Whether you need something clean and simple, or an advanced e-commerce site, your site will be hi-tech, SEO ready, and beautiful on any size screen or device.

Responsive Websites

Whether you need something built from the ground up, or just and update to an existing site, something clean and simple, or an advanced e-commerce site, your Sweet Tea website will be fast, hi-tech, SEO ready, and beautiful on any size screen or device.

Business websites are far more than the online billboards of the 90s. This tool has the ability to revolutionize your business. However, before we embark on any web development project, we will do a detailed Discovery Session where we will analyze your goals and resources and help determine the best use of one of your most valuable business resources — your website. 

Website Health

Keep your website running smooth and speedy. Prevent malicious attacks and identify vulnerabilities before they become emergencies.

Learn more.

Website Hosting

Let me guess…servers aren’t your thing? Us geeks can’t help ourselves. We love ’em. We will configure and manage your hosting account with exactly the right tech for your needs.

Staff Training Videos

You already have a trusted team in place. Why not let them handle image changes and content updates to your site instead of paying a developer?

We will provide custom screen recordings tailored to your specific needs and skill level. These recordings are yours to keep, so even as staff turns over, replacements can be quickly brought up to speed. 


03. Traffic

Sweet Tea will connect you with your target market to promote your unique offerings, build brand loyalty, and most importantly, convert them into paying customers!

Marketing Audit

Let’s do a deep dive on your mission and vision, your marketing goals and objectives, and the marketing strategies that are currently being implemented to establish if existing strategies are effectively achieving current company goals in a cost effective manner.

We will provide a detailed report of our findings, along with actionable steps to take to improve ROI on your marketing efforts.

Search engine optimization

Google Analytics. Google My Business. Search Console. Keyword research. Meta tags. Backlinks…

SEO can seem like a daunting endeavor. Confusing code, ever-changing algorithms (what the heck is an algorithm, anyway??), and secretive Google holding all the keys. We can demystify it for you and start out at a level appropriate for your budget and goals.  

Don’t fly blind. Before you embark on any SEO tactics, we can perform a detailed SEO Audit of your existing online properties. This will show us what’s working and what’s not, and also provide valuable benchmark statistics for tracking improvement. 

Email marketing

Stay front of mind with your customers by sending beautiful branded messages right to their inbox. Promote events or promotions, send teasers for blog posts, and more.

Whether you use Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Active Campaign (like us!), or one of the dozens of other email marketing applications out there, we can help format messages that build brand loyalty and keep you front of mind with your customers.  

Social Media Management

Sweet Tea connects your customers to conversations that are targeted, timely, and topical. We focus on business goals, not popularity. Use these powerful tools when and how it’s advantageous – not just because “everyone else is doing it.”

Paid ad campaigns

Organic traffic is the holy grail, but sometimes paid advertising is the best way to target your ideal client. Our experts will setup and manage your Facebook Ads and/or Google Ad campaigns.

Content Marketing

Give your customers the content they are searching for and they will recognize you for the expert you are. Who else would they want to work with?? Regardless of your personal feelings about blogging, regularly adding new, relevant content to your site is one of

Video Production

Did you know? Videos out-perform static images on social media by an average of 300%. Organically.

Have you been wanting to take advantage of the booming popularity of video in your marketing, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry. We can get your biz camera ready and help you maximize benefits from this lucrative channel.


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